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Things To Do In Moab

Adventure Packages

Moab, Utah and the surrounding canyon country is a land of endless adventures. We’ll help you combine a full or half day Colorado River rafting or kayaking excursion with hiking, horseback riding, hummer 4X4, canyoneering, climbing or biking. Whatever you choose, our experienced guides will make sure you get the most out of your visit to Moab. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us, tell us which adventures you like and we can customize an itinerary for you. Whether you have one day or several days, we can help you make the most of your visit to Moab.
All of our adventure packages have a two person minimum.

Hummer 4×4 & Rafting

Hummer Tours

Hummer Tours

-Family and Kid Friendly Activities

Enjoy Moab’s canyon country from two distinct vantage points. Look down into slickrock sandstone canyons from the seat of a Hummer, and gaze upward from a raft at the soaring walls of the Colorado River canyon as you make your way downstream. Riding in a Hummer lets you experience the thrills of backcountry travel to places where you could never take the family sedan! Add this experience to a half-day of rafting, kayaking or inflatable kayaking on the Colorado River and you’re sure to have an adventurous day.
All ages and skill levels are welcome. Includes lunch on the river. Hummer tours are provided by High Point Hummer Tours.
Rates:  $122.10/adults, $83.10/youth
Minimum age: 4
These rates reflect a 10% discount on the river portion.
-Does not include taxes and land use fees on the hummer portion.


Canyoneering & Kayaking

Moab Canyoneering

Moab Canyoneering

-Active Family Adventures

Canyoneering is one of today’s hottest adventure sports. Here is your chance to try it under the watchful eye of professional guides. And there’s no better place to learn than in Moab’s beautiful canyon country. Our tours take you into twisting sandstone canyons, allowing you to experience the thrill of rappelling as you navigate narrow passageways. Afterwards, you will finish out the day by paddling down a spectacular section of the Colorado River in your own  kayak. It’s a day filled with fabulous scenery, excitement and wonder! Prior experience is not necessary, although a reasonable level of fitness is required. Canyoneering guide service is provided by Moab Desert Adventures or Moab Cliffs and Canyons.
Rates: $166.50/adult, $151.50/youth
Minimum age: 8
These rates reflect a 10% discount on the river portion.
-Does not include taxes on the canyoneering portion.


Pedal & Paddle

Moab Utah, Mountain Bike Capital of the World!

Moab Utah, Mountain Bike Capital of the World!

-Moab’s Best Adventure Activities

This one-day program is for people who want to do and see as much as possible in a short time frame. It begins with a morning mountain bike ride that takes you into some of Moab’s best backcountry terrain. You’ll finish the day with an “upper body workout” as you paddle your own kayak down a beautiful section of the Colorado River. It’s helpful if you have a little riding or paddling experience, but advanced skills are not necessary. Mountain biking is provided by Rim Mountain Bike Tours.
Rates per person:  $157.50
Minimum age: 8
This rate reflects a 10% discount on the river portion.
-Does not include taxes on the bike portion.


Ride & Raft

Horseback riding in Moab area.

Family Fun on Horseback

-Fun Moab Activities

Follow in John Wayne’s tracks on a horseback ride in the Professor Valley area just north of Moab. This canyon country was a main filming site for the 1950s western “Rio Grande.” The scenery is stunning with views of Castle Tower and Porcupine Rim bordering Castle Valley. This package includes a half-day rafting trip on the Fisher Towers section of the Colorado River making it a great choice for the whole family. It is sure to make your Moab vacation one to remember. Horseback rides are provided by Backcountry Trail Rides or Red Cliffs Lodge. Generally children must be at least 8 years old to participate in this package.
Rates:  $129.50/adult, $120.50/youth
Minimum age: Please inquire
230lb weight limit for horse riding
This rate reflects a 10% discount on the river portion.
-Does not include taxes on the horseback portion.


Hike & Raft

Amazing Indian Rock Art

Amazing Indian Rock Art

-Active Adventure in Moab

Moab’s terrain is incredibly diverse. In the redrock canyons and cliffs you will find endless wonders. There are petroglyphs that tell the stories of earlier civilizations and dinosaur footprints that point to a fascinating tale of geologic history. A guided hike with Canyon Voyages will take you to Moab’s hidden gems and places that you might not find on your own. After your walkabout, you’ll then cool down with a half-day raft ride down the Colorado River. Our raft trips always include an inflatable kayak for you to try if you wish.
Rates per person:  $109.50
This rate reflects a 10% discount on the river portion.
-Does not include taxes on the hiking portion.